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Learning for life
To empower each student to reach their potential, by working together to provide a supportive, challenging, inclusive and respectful environment.
All students, teachers and parents are encouraged to achieve their personal best, value learning and become lifelong learners.
All members of the school will have shared expectations of respect shown to teachers, other staff, students, parents and environments.  Our positive and effective interactions, based on civil language, are conducted on the basis of responsibility, integrity and accountability.
We all have the right to challenging and engaging learning opportunities in appropriate and inclusive settings.
We all have a right to participate in a secure, safe and supportive environment.
We achieve growth and strength through caring relationships with all stakeholders.
We are accountable for our own actions, contributing to our school and society and taking care of the environment.

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Entrance to Rosetta Primary School 
Term 1
4th February - 2nd April
Term 2
20th April - 3rd July
Term 3
20th July - 25th September
Term 4
12th October - 17th December
Coming Events

Wednesday 11th - LiL Shining Stars/ Pre Kinder start.

Monday 23rd onward - Fire Saftey Program

Monday 23rd - Day 1 Athletics Carnival (5/6 only)

Tuesday 24th - Day 2 Athletics Carnival (kinder to G6)

Wednesday 25th - Assembly and Meet Teachers Event

Friday 27th - Clean up Australia Schools Day

Wednesday 11th - Assembly

Monday 16th - InterSchool Athletics Carnival

Tuesday 24th - Champions Athletics Carnival 
                    - Progress Reports Out

Wednesday 25th - Assembly

Thursday 2nd - Last day of Term 1

Comming soon.
Term 1
Monday, 9th February
Monday, 9th March